Project management tool for Software Teams!

An agile project management tool for software developers.

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Enigma is an easy and powerful tool for successful software teams to define, track and manage their work and get shit done.

Define. Oraganize. Track.

Organize the product into multiple views and associated features. Grouping makes it easier to get work done rather than managing an endless list of tasks.

Stay ahead by being Agile.

Work boards are used to visualize all the work in a given sprint. Kanban board helps your team get a quick snapshot of the work in progress, so you can come prepared to discuss the most critical items for the day.

Enigma is best for


For fast growing agile tech startups building products.


Managing remote Freelance developers and getting work on time.

Remote Teams

Collaborating with people from different timezones.

Works well with distributed teams.

Get all your members working on your product into a single platform. Be it designers or developers or freelancers.

Make your development process easy.

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Be a part of the future.

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