An efficient approach to your Project and Team Management hassles!

Enigma is an organized, centralized and comprehensive platform for everything you need to get things done.

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Communication gap, overdue deadlines, unorganised development; Enigma fixes it all for you.

Collaborate. Work. Share.

Organize your development timeline into multiple sections and associated tasks. Defined stack of tasks exponentially increases the productivity than managing an endless list of to-dos.

Discuss. Decide. Start.

Let all your discussions happen at one place. Our well organised Desks lets you interact and discuss ideas across your teams. Higher the transparency among teams, the higher is the productivity.

Create. Assign. Complete.

Create and assign tasks with respect to departments. Set due dates, label tasks and track progress. Eliminate all communication gap and build your product.

Enigma is best for


For fast growing agile tech startups building products.


Managing remote Freelance developers and getting work on time.

Remote Teams

Collaborating with people from different timezones.

Works well with distributed teams.

Get all your team members into a single platform. Be it designers or developers or freelancers.

Make your development process easy.

Get started for free! You’ll fall in love!

Be a part of the future.

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