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5 questions to ask yourself before starting your own Startup.

I entered Startup world quite early. For a third year naive college student trying to find her hold in this world to the one building her own Company, the journey has been an adventure.

Integrate Social Login in your Django Project within minutes.

Recently, I felt the need to integrate Social Login in my Django Project. So, I decided to go with social-auth-app-django, which is an extremely easy and developer-friendly

How to manage a tech team if you are a non-techie.

Being a non-technical person managing a group of techies could be intimidating. You don’t talk their language yet you have to understand their work, manage the workflow and get the work done.

Product Management and me? It was complicated.

I have always been involved with growing startups; building products from scratch. My first step into the startup world was as a backend developer. With all the highs and the lows, I eventually got the opportunity to manage the product development.

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