Integrate Social Login in your Django Project within minutes.

Recently, I felt the need to integrate Social login in my Django Project. So, I decided to go with social-auth-app-django, which is an extremely easy and developer friendly Python module to setup Social Authentication and Registration.

I am writing this blog with the intention of sharing what I did to get the work done in just few minutes. 😊

Let's get started.

Installation and Initial setup: 

Google Login: 

Set up an App in Google’s Developer Console.

It's unsafe to put the keys directly in the settings file so I would advise to put it in your env file and then import it in For eg.

SOCIAL_AUTH_GOOGLE_OAUTH2_KEY = os.environ.get("GoogleKey","none")
SOCIAL_AUTH_GOOGLE_OAUTH2_SECRET  = os.environ.get("GoogleSecret","none")


Facebook Login:

   Skip Quickstart and create App Id. Grab your App Id and App Secret from the page.

Twtter Login:


Hope, this was useful to you. 😊  Tweet me if you find any problem, happy to help.

Akanksha Priyadarshini

Senior Software Developer. Love to make things happen.