Product Management and me? It was complicated.

The struggle to keep up the development progress and structuring the product was evident in everyone. We tried all the available product management tools. None appeared friendly for products being built from scratch. Most of them provided either with a To-do list structure or were meant for bug handling, raising tickets or issue management for products. For a new product with a small team, the track record of every department is equally important. It was daunting for me to manage my product’s development progress with respect to departments. Moreover, handling product related files on different platforms like Dropbox and Drive was challenging. Being new to product management, tools like JIRA appeared complicated to me. It was taking too long for me and my developers to be comfortable with it. Structuring product flow for different departments and tracking the status was tiring. Difficulty in maintaining the synchronization affected our deadlines. The delays at every stage took a toll on both, the product and the developers.

My first experience as a Product manager was not a good one. But it taught me to respect, even the smallest details.

In my next endeavour, I didn’t want to repeat my mistakes. The team was remote and small. Everyone was from a different timezone. To overcome the hassles I faced previously, I along with my colleague built the platform Enigma. Enigma is based on MVC model of software development. MVC considers every task ranging from page creation to api building as a View. In Enigma, you can create views(Eg. Home page, logout api view) for the product. With each view corresponding features can be added. Enigma structures the product’s views with respect to each department like Android, Backend etc. The progress of each department is individually managed. Overall progress of the product can be tracked with ease. Maintaining communication with developers at every stage is essential. Keeping this in mind, discussion of each view, handling the related bugs and sharing the files with developers is made seamless.

Idea behind Enigma is to solve the structuring and tracking problems of products being built from scratch. We still have a long way to go but with you we will get one step closer.

Akanksha Priyadarshini

Senior Software Developer. Love to make things happen.