Changing how teams build better softwares.

A single view of all things in your product keeps your team on the same page. It lets you manage your product smartly.

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Every thing the user sees and feels defines your product.

  • Start with your views

    Every product is defined by its views or pages. Create views for your project and add the corressponding features to it. This helps developers understand the product better and manage it efficiently

  • Break it into several features/tasks

    A feature is a small, actionable bit of work in a particular view. Outlining what is needed in the product helps you focus on the what, not the how.

Stay ahead by being Agile.

Work boards are used to visualize all the work in a given sprint. Enigma helps your team get a quick snapshot of the work in progress, so you can come prepared to discuss the most critical items for the day.

Everything You Need, Nothing You Don't

Works well with distributed teams.

Get all your members working on your product into a single platform. Be it designers or developers or freelancers.

Get things executed faster with Enigma.

Be a part of the future. Beta testers get special discounts during launch.

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